Thanks to Midwives


This video is a thank you to the great midwives of Sheffield. A thank you for the compassion, care, professionalism, and kindness shown to Sheffield families every day. Thank you from Forging Families and the families of Sheffield. May 5th 2017

During our work at Forging Families it became apparent that so many families in Sheffield had such gratitude for their midwives, doctors, support workers etc at The Jessop Wing. The problem being that a lot of parents didn’t get the chance to say thank you because of shift changes or that by the time that they thought about it the staff member had left their home or they had left the hospital.
Midwives and all maternity staff do incredible work and do much more than most people might realise as we can see from the thanks on this video, the compassion, the going that extra mile, the making women feel safe, for making women smile and for helping Dads feel included.
So this is a thank you to the Staff of Sheffield Maternity Services, from just a small glimpse of the many families who are so grateful for the work you do.