Our Lead and Trustees

We are very lucky to have such a wide range of skills and experience in our wonderful trustees.

Rachel Gardner

Founder and CEO of Forging Families

rachel_gardnerI am the very proud CEO of Forging Families and Lead of Sheffield Maternity Voices Partnership. My great passion is supporting families through pregnancy, birth and the first years after baby has been born.

I am so passionate about helping woman be more honest and open with each other and share experiences and support each other.

I have been recognised nationally for my research studies into perinatal mental health and more recently my work looking at what families want from their maternity health care professionals. I occasionally work with Professor Hora Soltani on a variety of research projects at Sheffield Hallam University to further improve experiences for families in Sheffield.

I am very pleased to say that I have also won the ‘Maternity Innovator of the Year’ award 2018 from the National MaMa Awards.

Rachel Siviter

Trustee of Forging Families

rachel_siviterRachel Siviter is a mum to one and lives in Sheffield with her family. She loves everything about Sheffield, including the wonderful Sheffield Slings Community. She is a qualified mental health nurse and currently works for the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service.

Rachel is passionate about contributing to, and improving her local community by ensuring that families in Sheffield are supported at the right time, by the right people and service.  She is particularly interested in supporting the development of positive perinatal mental health.

Rachel believes that we are very fortunate in Sheffield to have Forging Families as a stepping stone between families and maternity services. She looks forward to building on the invaluable work already done and encourages the Sheffield community to get involved.

Alice Farina and Louis Pringle

Trustees of Forging Families

alice_farina_louis_pringleOur lives went upside down in February when our little girl Astrid was born, As any new parents since becoming pregnant we got interested in birth and parenting, and talking to mothers and fathers around us, we realised how we all need help and support whatever our situation and our choices.

We discovered that pre and post natal depression were a lot more common than we thought, and Alice herself had to seek help during her pregnancy and we learnt that close members of our families struggled with mental health around birth.

We also took an interest in “alternative” ways to give birth, such as home birth and hypnobirth, the latter got us to meet Rachel and join her wonderful charity as trustees.

Alice is French, and during her pregnancy she got to compare perinatal care in France and in England, and noticed the over medicalisation of pregnancy and birth in France, and the little choices and support parents-to-be have over the channel, she hopes to be able to bring a little bit of Forging Families back to France when she returns, and with the help of Louis, to use their experience with the charity to help families in Toulouse and beyond.

Sarah Birch

Chair of Forging Families

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Laura Watkins

Trustee of Forging Families

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Lizzie Rolls

Trustee of Forging Families

lizzie_rollsLizzie is a mum of 2 who lives in Sheffield. She is a qualified health visitor and previously worked in Sheffield. She now worked for the Family Nurse Partnership in Doncaster supporting vulnerable first time teenage parents. She is passionate about ensuring that all patents feel supported and empowered on every step of their own unique journey.

She is delighted to be a trustee of Forging Families and is looking forward to helping the families of Sheffield make their voice heard.

Melanie Rogers

Trustee of Forging Families

melanie_rogersI’m Melanie & I’m 41 years old. I was born & raised in Sheffield. I qualified as a midwife in 1998 at Sheffield University & worked at the Jessop Hospital for Women & then the Jessop Wing when it opened in 2001.

I have 3 children. After my daughter was born in 2001, & then my second in 2003, I suffered from severe Postnatal Depression. I only started to recover from this in 2013 & up until this point spent a lot of time on inpatient psychiatric wards.

My heart is now in Maternal Mental Health & I believe that every mum & their family deserve the best care. I campaign for improvements in Mental Health Services. I’m so excited to be a trustee of Forging Families & looking forward to being involved in improving services for Sheffield families.

Sam Bennett

Treasurer of Forging Families

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