Our Work

The day to day work of Forging Families is primarily done by our Lead Rachel Gardner, who creates all our posters and Senior Charity Officer, Sarah Birch, who enables the smooth running of Forging Families. Sarah Birch and Rachel Gardner will be working together on our next exciting project that we will reveal on June 13th.

We have wonderful volunteers who help us with our projects:

  • Cecilia Charlesworth – Cecilia will be helping make our Forging Families Conference something to behold – more details coming in June.
  • Rosie Knowles – Rosie is our Lead on Attachment and our resident GP.
  • Emma Irr – Emma is our Lead on Twins and Multiples.
  • Paul Webster – Paul has been a terrific support in our work on Dads, particularly our new website From Dads To Dads. We have plenty of work planned for Paul in the future!

Our work since October has been primarily focused on our posters and infographics which have been a tremendous success. The majority of our posters hold the words of parents to parents, which is what holds us a part I feel. Our posters are in hospitals up and down the country and our two recent posters on ‘Asking for help’ will soon be in all GP surgeries in Sheffield.

We have created a fantastic (we hope you agree) website just for Dads, filled with detailed information and words of advice from Dads to Dads, which gave us the website name of FromDadstoDads.org.uk

We have made 2000 fridge magnets with useful numbers for Mums and Dads to have at their finger tips.

We are just finishing our Forging Families book – ‘Together we are stronger’, and working hard to produce a fun, information packed
conference for families and professionals later this year.

The project which we are very excited to tell you about is under wraps until we receive word from our funders on June 13th.